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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

63kg (139lb)

Starting weight: 63kg (139lb)
Current weight: 63kg (139lb)
Target weight: 48kg (106 lb)
Total weight loss: 0kg (0lb)

AM Workout: 20 prison squats, 10 forward lunges per leg, 20 calf raises. all before hopping into the shower, just to raise metabolic rate a bit.

PM Workout: 2 x 20 prison squats, 10 forward lunges per leg, 20 calf raises, 20 inclined pushups, 20 knee pushups, 10 mountain climbers per leg, 20 rows, 10 thrusters.

Food: 2 slices white bread with egg mayo from the school canteen (fruit stall is closed), 1 protein shake.

PM workout significantly tougher than AM workout coz hubby came in and became personal trainer. Will need to sort out the different exercises into a better rotation tomorrow so that I can exercise different muscle groups while resting others at the same time, so as to be continuously moving. Food is also an issue, I should be eating more regularly (small healthy meal every 3 hours).

Let's hope tomorrow's number on the weighing scale shows me some results, even if it's just teeny.


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