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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

the biggest loser

i'm coming out of the closet now and admitting that every night at about 7pm i sit faithfully in front of my television and watch NBC's The Biggest Loser on Hallmark Channel. here in singapore, we run quite far behind the US, which is currently on season 8 i think. i only got to watch the finale to season 4 yesterday.

my thoughts on the biggest loser? first, it's awesomely inspiring to see all this grossly fat people lose so much weight (as much as 50% of their original weight) within 4 months. but come on, its easy for really fat people to lose weight really fast, all they have to do is put on a little muscle, and their metabolic rates will take care of the passive fat burn for awhile. let me get it clear that i'm not belittling their achievements. i think that they're getting almost full time care with a personal trainer (jillian rocks by the way!), their food is controlled and they don't have to worry about daily chores and their jobs. it's no relaxing spa vacation, that's for sure, but they can concentrate on their weight loss full time.

also, i have to remind myself that this is a reality show so obviously they're going to inject some drama to keep viewers hooked. hubby says that online there's quite a bit of discussion about the manipulation of the figures on the scale that show up every week at their weigh-ins. pish posh i don't care about those figures, the transformation in these people are amazing!

so. being inspired, i am now reviving this blog once again to keep a record of my daily weight, workouts and food intake. and of course, whenever i can, i'll be better at the FOTDs with my stash of makeup :)

i'm back on the metamorphosis track, baby! get ready to say hi to a smoking hot me in a couple of months :)


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