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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


hey all!

i have moved to butterflywings.onsugar.com

do join me there!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Just when I wanted to post again, blogger and my work computer do not
like each other. Just putting up a short note using email posting from
my phone to say that i will be back very soon!

Next post will be a review on maybelline's BB cream :D

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Evie Sings Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Evie and her Animal Sounds

Evie Says Hi!

Monday, June 28, 2010

for sale to loving home!

i'm clearing out my stash, plus have lots of nyx round lipsticks to sell off, so do take a look at my list and see if you are interested in any of my items! all prices include normal postage and i'm willing to do discounts for multiple purchases! leave a comment if you want something :)

please help! my makeup boxes are too full and my pockets too empty!!!

NYX Round Lipstick - $6.50 each (all brand new)
Tea rose
Brown sugar
Pinto bean
Rose bud
Indian pink
Frosted beige
Sky pink
Baby pink

NYX Round Lip Gloss - $7 (brand new)
Ballerina pink
True red
NYX Megashine Lip Gloss - $8 (brand new)
african queen
gold pink
Fyrinnae Eyeshadow Samples - 1/4tsp in 3g jar $2.50 (swatched 1-2x with clean cotton swab)
javan rhino
arctic fox
Everyday Minerals Eyeshadow Samples - full 5g sifter jar $3 (used 1-2x each only)
snow flakes
mystic night
rare silk
plane view
movie night
baby bath
M*A*D* Minerals Multi-Use Minerals - 1/4 tsp in 3g jar $2.50(swatched 1x only with clean cotton swab)
peridot stone
desert rose

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Depotting Your NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils

i've heard great things about the nyx jumbo eyeshadow pencils and they're next on my to-buy-and-try list when i can scrounge up some extra cash for it. i did hear that they were a little bit clunky and that having to use a special sharpener was a bit of a minus point so now that i know that i can put them into little jars to use like paint pots my fingers are that little bit more itchy to go ahead and click on "buy".

here's the video i watched on youtube that showed me how to depot the nyx jumbo eyeshadow pencils.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

review: oil of olay total effects

dinosaur years ago, when i was a teenager, i slapped on oil of olay on my face. only in those days it was called oil of ulan in singapore. then i moved on to clinique, garnier then neutrogena. i started using oil of olay again late last year and i am just so extremely happy that i did.

Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti-Aging UV Moisturizer SPF 15 1.7oz

SGD22 at lots of places in Singapore. Extremely good value for money. It is slightly more pricey than some of the other drugstore brands like Garnier and Johnson's and Johnson's but based on my experience and the results I got from it, very very worth the extra $$$ when you compare it with the much pricier department counter brands. Look out for the special box packages that come out ever so often. I got my current bottle of moisturiser packaged with a full size Total Effects Shower Cream for just SGD19. That's a bargain! I've seen box sets of the moisturiser packaged with a full sized tube of cleanser and a tube of regenerist serum, for just SGD22. so yeah, the box sets are definately a good bargain.

I like the jar in that it isn't skinny-ass neither is it a fat and squat jar. It sits quite comfortably in my hand. The bottle itself is slightly translucent, so you can see how much you've got left in the bottle by holding it up to the light. Would have been nice to be able to check it more easily though. The pump part can be slightly flimsy though. The first bottle I got was very sturdy. This second bottle that I'm on, the pump came off when I opened it for the first time and although it works, it feels wobbly when I press down. But no real complaints here, I'm not someone who gets real fussy on the packaging unless it compromises the product quality or results in a lot of wastage.

The consistency is very even, I've yet to encounter any lumps or graininess in it whatsoever. It's quite light, not too heavy a cream or too watery either. It absorbs quickly without getting sticky on the skin, leaving skin feeling silky smooth and soft. Using this moisturiser as a base to prep my skin up for my usual mineral foundation, my makeup has never looked better or lasted longer.

I love love love love this moisturiser. My skin has cleared up noticeably, I don't even get those tiny whiteheads on my chin that used to plague me endlessly. I still have the regular PMS pimple but my skin is super clear and soft the rest of the time. Even hubby has noticed and commented on it. He's even started swiping mine now that his usual Neutrogena is finished and I can see an improvement in his skin condition as well. Must try!

Friday, June 04, 2010

school's out!

so, although the school holidays officially started a week ago, us teachers had to go back to school for one week to finish up all our outstanding work before being let off for 2 weeks of holidays. sec 4 students still had lessons too for this one week, so it basically was a normal working week for most of us. i don't really want to get involved in the whole debate on whether teachers in singapore are overloaded, but i hope that most people will at least correct their perception that teachers have a lot of free time. in the june holidays, out of the four weeks, teachers only have the middle two weeks as protected time. the first and last week of school is reserved for workshops, meetings and miscellaneous work that needs to be done. a lot of us end up doing work during the two weeks still, simply because there's just so much work to be done that the first and last week are not enough. a lot of us are preparing stuff ahead of time because the minute school starts we slowly start falling behind with everything that needs to be done.

okok, enough of my whining. i need to keep reminding myself that i'm in this for the kids. and that makeup keeps me happy.

so back to makeup related posts! i've got lots of colour swatches waiting to be posted, plus a few youtube videos that i wanted to share with you guys. and i'm re-embarking on becoming a red-hot mama. my lack of discipline so far is shameful, i know so you guys are gonna have to help keep me motivated!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

school holidays!

yay! school holidays are finally here! time for me to catch up on playing with my makeup and posting up my experiments here. thanks for being patient, loads of posts coming up soon!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

purple and green reigning

i've been on a purple and green kick this past week. this look was done using the ultrashimmer 88 palette. did i mention i use that one a lot more than my matte? i just hate how the matte eyeshadows look so chalky on me. i'll do the same look in mattes to show you how bad it looks on me sometime next week :D

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lime Burst - an eotd using 88 ultrashimmer palette

eyes were done using the ultrashimmer 88 eyeshadow palette.

Monday, May 10, 2010

pure luxe eyeshadow: cocoa

the colour is exactly what the name says it is! it's like i spilled milo powder on the back of my hand :D

Sunday, May 09, 2010

nyx round lipstick: creon

Evie the Builder

this is what my little one gets up to! time for me to invest in a good set of building blocks for her :D

Saturday, May 08, 2010

nyx round lipstick: chloe

Friday, May 07, 2010

starburst inspired!

almost every blog that i've been visiting these past few days has had at least a mention of the "starbust" look. no idea what that was as i hadn't had time to go look for the tutorials on youtube. this morning, surfing my usual beauty blogs for inspiration for today's eyeshadows, i came across fr0nd's version and decided that i'd go for it.

colours are used are all mineral eyeshadows.
-Beauty from the Earth: Raspberry
-Mad Minerals: Illegal
-Fyrinnae: Finnegan's Wake
-heart.pf: daisy (fyi heart.pf is my brand, i custom blended this colour for myself when i realised i don't really have a basic yellow in my inventory)

base used is fyrinnae's pixie epoxy (rave review on that incoming)

and this is is how it turned out

not as bright or crisp as the original look intended but i was in a bit of a rush, doing this in about 5 minutes. colours from bottom to top are raspberry, illegal, daisy and finnegan's wake. side note: not really happy with the illegal at all!! i think i'm never buying from mad minerals ever again. all their colours are disappointing and refuse to pop no matter how much i put on, whether i pat it on or brush it on, applied over base or no base.

i like how it turned out in the end, although i will work on seeing whether i can reproduce the original. and maybe try a few different colour combinations next week.

happy upcoming weekend everybodeeeee!!
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