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Friday, May 15, 2009

60.6kg (133.6lb)

yay! in 2 days, i've lost more than 2 kg. it's a great morale booster, but hubby has reminded me that this is mostly water weight that i've lost. Coz of my bad eating habits, i've been retaining a lot of water, so that weight is mostly my system flushing that out. still feels good though, coz i can see the physical difference it's making to my shape. my tummy is flatter, and my butt is that little bit smaller. most importantly, my skin is starting to get that healthy glow.

and hubby's paying more attention, heehee!

hubby's been helping me to sort out my workout routine, i'll probably post that up tomorrow so that you guys can see what i've been doing. it only takes 10 minutes to complete, but i feel like dying at the end of it. BUT, yesterday i was less wilted than a couple of days ago, which means that i'm getting fitter :)

Cooked dinner yesterday too, beef shabu shabu stirfry with broccoli and oyster mushrooms. yum yum, and super healthy too!

got lots more recipes for healthy eating that won't take ages to cook, will be posting up my versions of them here


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