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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Mad Minerals haul!!

the mad minerals spree i joined ages and ages ago finally came through and my loot was in the mail earlier today! posted are pics of the brush set that i got, next to my samsung soul u900 for size comparison, as well as the 20 sample jars of eyeshadows :)

i haven't had the energy to do the swatches today, am dealing with a pulled muscle in my back that's been torture for the past 2 days or so (getting better though!) will probably get to playing with my pretty colours tomorrow!

first impression of the brushes though were that they're pretty soft, but i foresee shedding ahead as the hairs on some of them are pretty much uneven, you can see some of them sticking out of the heads. but we were warned on the website that these were going super cheap due to defects so i'm not really complaining. the size would be just nice for me to carry around in my work bag for touchups during the day so i still think it's a pretty good deal.


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