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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

more makeup madness soon

hey all! apologies for the lack of swatches. things are nuts at work for the moment. school lets out for one week of vacation next week so we're all rushing to get the marks for this term into the system to generate the report cards before Friday. it's just the usual last-week-of-school rush that us teachers face every term, just that i'm having a little more trouble coping than usual due to sickness/whaleness.

can't wait for the break next week, i'm really going to need it because i know that in a couple of weeks i'm going to be supremely tired (but happy!) with evie.

swatches will be incoming soon! the mad minerals eyeshadows that i ordered donkey years ago finally arrived in singapore, and they should be in my mailbox in the next few days :) will be getting some eye-looks together during the one week break!

on my no-buy, i've been really good so far! no makeup purchases at all the last few weeks and i think i should be able to stick with it until October.. although EDM has just announced new colours coming out this week and next. *must have willpower!*


Anonymous said...

hang in there with marks for your students!

couple of weeks! ahhhhh...
then I assume we will see tons of pics? or not cause I understand the need for privacy too...just don't reprive us of your presence! :)

and now that I have read about the new colours, I shall have to go to edm and see what you are talking about :)

farrah said...

hehe of course there's going to be a ton of pics up here when evie arrives! she's part of my quest to become a hot mummy after all :)

come of the new colours are pretty nice, but i'm still holding off from buying anymore until year end heehee

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