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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mad Minerals Sale!

Mad Minerals is having a sale! joined an open livejournal spree during lunch yesterday to get a couple of sets of the 8pc travel brush kit as i've been looking for something small and convenient to carry around with me during the day for touchups. price was slashed from USD16.95 to USD4.99 due to irregular brush discolouration or markings on the handles. for that price, even if the brushes suck it's not going to be too much of a heartache :)

also decided to get a some samples of the eyeshadows they offer. so many pretty colours! went overboard of course, colours just seem to hypnotise me and switch off my rational-thinking synapses. i ordered the 1/4 tsp samples that come in jars and of course swatches incoming once i receive them in 2-3 weeks, depending on how efficient the spree organiser is at remailing out our items once she receives them.

pics of brush set and sample colours i got! (courtesy of the mad minerals website)


Nanzy said...

Oh wow the colors look amazing! you shd do some EOTDs too!!! Can't wait :)

farrah said...

definately! but first i gotta learn how to do a proper eye hehe i'm a eye makeup noob

Anonymous said...

eye makeup noob?! Really?!
anyway, thank a lot...I think...
LoL, I'm putting in an order for those brushes! Even with shipping. A set for 10 bucks is not bad at all~
Now ask me if I need them...

Anonymous said...

Agh just sent them an email to see which shipping this would be shipped as, seeing as it's a difference between normal internation of 6 dollars, to 12 dollars.
I'm hoping its the 6...I want that brush set now :(

farrah said...

lol i don't really have any idea how much the shipping would be for me as i've ordered through a spree who's taking orders from a bunch of other girls. she's letting me know soon how much the shipping cost is going to be split up between all the orders.

and yes i'm really an eye makeup noob! it used to be just powder and blush for me so i didn't look all washed out at work :P

Anonymous said...

Hi there!

I also ordered that irregular brush set .. personally it's a good steal!

Besides, I ordered :

1) Olive Lt-Med Mineral Foundation - 1/4 tsp. sample baggy @ USD2
2) SHEER EARTH SHIMMER 20g Sifter Jar @ USD5
3) Apricot Frost Creme Eye Shadow @ USD8.99
4) Eroticism
Available Sizes - 1/4 tsp. Sample Jar @ USD2.25

Shipping cost USD6.50 (after all, it's small order)

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