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Monday, August 18, 2008

monday morning blues

feeling like crap today, it's just feeling like a really bad monday.

the spree i joined for madminerals a couple of weeks ago isn't going so well. the organiser just emailed me to say that the items hadn't arrived and i think it's already been three weeks! i was hoping for them to come so that i could go swatch mad again even though i haven't really gotten down to playing with my EDM eyeshadow looks yet.

feet are swelling again early in the day, i'm having a bad throat, cough and the runs, and i'm feeling stressed out by all the work that i've got to sort out just in case Evie decides to make an early entrance.

on the upnote though, Singapore's ended a 48-year Olympic medal drought. the table tennis team brought home the silver yesterday with china taking the gold. mixed feelings about the victory though since i don't really feel that the singapore team are singaporeans through and through. they were basically foreign talent from china brought in to increase the sports profile of singapore. i think i would really be proud on the day that a born and bred singaporean won an olympic medal.

huge gratz to michael phelps for his phenomenal achievement of winning 8 gold medals in a single Olympic games. he looks like such a nice boy :P


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