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Monday, August 18, 2008

Makeup for Sale!

Hey all! This is my list of items up for sale! Price listed includes postage within Singapore. All items are unused.
Leave a comment to this post if you're interested :) Thanks!

Everyday Minerals Full Size($12 each)
(will consider repackaging full size blush into sample sizes if you're interested in only getting a sample size. post comment if interested)
  • All Smiles x1
  • Wakeup Call x1
  • Opening Day x1
  • Flannel PJ's x1
  • 3rd Place eyeshadow x1
  • Olive Golden Medium foundation (Matte) x1
  • Spring Concealer x1
  • Pearl Pick Me Up Concealer x1
  • Start to Finish Rice Powder - Sunlight x1

Everyday Minerals Mini (sample size) Eyeshadow ($4 each)

  • Rare Silk x1
  • Hot Chocolate x1
  • Baby Bath x1
Everyday Minerals Samples ($4 each)
  • Snuggle blush x1 (repackaged from full size)
  • Jump Rope blush x1 (repackaged from full size)
  • Text Message blush x1 (repackaged from full size)
  • Sunday Brunch blush x1 (repackaged from full size)
  • Apple x1 (repackaged from full size)
  • Photo Album x1 (repackaged from full size)
  • Back to School blush x1 (repackaged from full size)
  • Coffee Break blush x1 (repackaged from full size)
  • Homework blush x1 (repackaged from full size)
  • Launch Party/Lounge Party blush x1 (repackaged from full size)
  • Wake Up Call blush x1 (repackaged from full size)
  • Corner Office (repackaged from full size)
  • Olive Golden Medium Matte Foundation x3
  • Golden Light Semi-Matte Foundation x1
  • Buff Fair Neutral Semi-Matte Foundation x1
  • Pearl Sunlight Concealer x1
  • Sunlight Concealer x1

Everyday Minerals Lip Gloss ($8 each)

  • Girls Day x1
  • Bamboo x1

updated August 12th 2008


Michelle said...

Hello farrah!

You still selling your makeup as above? Actually i am interested in getting samples size of:-

-Coffee break
-Back to school
-Corner Office

But the first 2 blush, since like you dun have sample size so wondering if you will be consider selling? As you know the full size will take too long to finish them. :)

I will check here frequently for your reply or you can drop me an email at mixue01@yahoo.com.sg

Thanks for your time!


farrah said...

hi michelle! i don't mind selling samples of all 3 blush colours to you if you want :) i have emailed you for more details, thanks!

auddie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
farrah said...

Hi Auddie I've replied to you via email :)

Anonymous said...

Hello! Do mail me for the size of your sample packs and where do you pack it in.. Interested in getting a few. Thanks!


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