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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Saturday Night (Festival) Out

we went out last night with Faz and Larie for dinner and possibly a movie.

my first attempt at an FOTD! haha well ok it's not much but it's a start :)

we had dinner at Amirah's Grill. we all got the special set meal which included soup, drink, bread and dip, a main course and desert. for S$25 each, the food was pretty good although the main courses were a bit of a let down. since i've eaten there before on weekdays and remember the food being much better i'll put it down to it being such a busy saturday night and they were understaffed.

after dinner, we headed out to try to get movie tickets for the new batman movie, but ended up missing all the turns (sorry faz, we're all lousy backseat drivers cum street directories!), and ended up passing by the national museum. turned out that there was a night festival of some sort going on and the museum was all lit up beautifully in different effects using projectors. so we parked and took a walk down to get some photos of the festival and the lights.

photos of the national museums new costumes in the next post :)


Mesmerize said...

wow! Very natural and You look beauriful :) I love Your site! Thx for everything :)

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