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Sunday, July 20, 2008

everyday minerals lip gloss: soccer practice

i got 3 lip glosses with my last haul but have only opened 1 so far. i tend to be scatterbrained with my lippies and they end up all over the place in different bags and different houses. so these days i'm being disciplined and using only one lippie at a time so that i bring it with me everywhere i go and don't end up losing it because i forgot where i put it the last time i used it!

so anyway, this is the first time i've ordered lipgloss from everyday minerals. i actually expected it to come in those tube-and-wand kind of packaging, but was pleasantly surprised when i found that it came in tube form like all my lip balms. makes it that much easier for me to apply.

i loved the colour on the website, loved the colour when i opened it, loved the colour on the cotton bud when i swatched it but was kinda let down by the payoff when it touched my lips.

i really couldn't tell the difference between using the soccer practice and my regular no-colour lipbalm! probably it could be due to the skin colour of my lips and the condition they're in. my lips are pretty dark, and also really dry. i have this very bad habit of peeling off dry skin from my lips so i don't think that's helping my lips any. very bad habit that i'm semi-successful at breaking at the moment, but i have to be consciously aware of not putting my fingers over my lips.

aside from my disappointment in the colour, i have to say that i like the formulation! it works better than my regular neutrogena lip balms, my lips feel hydrated and soft after i've had the lip balm on for about an hour. and it stays! i put it on just before i leave the house in the morning, and it survives through half a day of teaching and recess! its helping me break the habit of peeling lip skin too since when i put my fingers on my lips there's no loose edges of dried up skin for me to tug on.

i hope the other colours pay off for me better when i get around to opening them. but in the meantime i'm pretty happy with my lipgloss. i can always dust on one of my edm blush colours (omg i have too many!) on my lips before the lipgloss for more colour if i want it :)


Lily said...

oooh that is a pretty color! sorry it didn't show up on your lips! i have that problem too with some of my lipglosses...

Anonymous said...

I still have yet to try out the lippies...though I really don't think that I will. I am content with using my CO Bigelow lip shines.
But Ahhhhh I have no idea how to use the eye buki, but just because it's out, I want to buy it...
That's so wrong :(
I'm going to try waiting for a really good discount...cause currently I have found that my other foundation (buff'd) is actually lasting better in this humid weather we have been having. So as crazy as it sounds...I might be jumping off ship on terms of EDM foundation for the summers. Will need it during the winters though...

Holy crap I wrote an essay! lol

farrah said...

lily: yup its a really pretty colour, and its not the only lipgloss that doesn't show up on my lips i have problems with other brands too. the blush-lipgloss method works better for me or i'll just have to get lipsticks :) Your haul from NYX is making my fingers itch to get lippies!

rasilla: i love having u comment, no matter how long! i don't really know how to use the eyebuki too although i think it's more for overall lid application, not for precision so i'm probably going to pass on it. as for changing foundations for the different seasons, i don't really worry about that too much since singapore is tropical! but it sounds like good opportunities for shopping since 2 different sets of makeup! i'd go nuts shopping!

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