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Saturday, June 21, 2008

everyday minerals blush: wake up call

description of wake up call from the everyday minerals website: Just what you need for that night out with friends or a day on the couch with your favorite show, a glorious medium rosey shade with a tasteful and versatile shimmer.

the colour looks a bit scary when i first saw the container. it looks super metallic, although my camera taking skills aren't good enough to capture that. but when i swatched in on my skin, it doesn't look so scary after all :)

the colour is actually a raspberry colour with pink and gold shimmer. it might be a bit strong for girls with a fairer complexion than mine. the first time i tried to put it on i totally underestimated the strength of the pigment. the colour does come out pretty dark if you're not careful. i ended up with a long very very red streak of colour on my cheekbones. almost like warpaint. i was extremely careful with application the second time i tried it, making sure that i picked up very little on my brush and that the powder was evenly distributed on the brush bristles before applying to cheek. thin layer by layer is the way to go to avoid the overkill. you don't need a whole lot of the blush to get the colour to stand out.

verdict: i love this colour! no regrets getting it at all and its going to last me a very long time since i don't need that much powder to achieve the desired effect. for skin tone like mine, it will make a very nice lip colour too. as an eyeshadow? i'm going to pass on that, the colour's not going to go too great with my brown eyes. not that i really wear eyeshadow anyway.


Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Thanks for leaving me your insight. Unfortunately this was before their new website "hiccup" which is why I found it unacceptable. And I have emailed them several times, with no reply :(
BUT I have bought more things from them, due to the new sale! They are taking longer, but I was impressed with the stuff I got.
Anyway thanks for showing the true colours of Wakeup Call. It is lovely.

ps Congrats on the baby :)

farrah said...

Hi rasilla! thanks for visiting and commenting! i've emailed them several times as well with no reply, but i'm happy anyway as i received my items safely, even if they were a little late. i hope you have fun with your new loot when it arrives, i've been naughty and succumbed to getting another 12 piece kit myself just before the special ended :)

Lia said...

hey, so glad to bump into a fellow singaporean who is an edm fan too! i have to say hi =)

farrah said...

hi Lia!
thanks for stopping by :) i'm a new edm addict and i don't see that going away for a looooooong time. do you have a blog of your own?

Anonymous said...

hi farrah! just wanted to say thanks for posting these pictures of wake up call :) EDM is planning to discontinue this color so i'm going to order it now that i've seen how lovely it is. take care!

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