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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

still miserable

still feeling pretty much miserable today. cough is worse and so's the runny nose but at least the runs have gone. today's also one of the worst days on my timetable, i have a straight block of 6 teaching periods (35 mins each). luckily the current topic is chemical calculations so there's lots of workbook exercises and worksheets to keep the boys occupied while i just gather the weaker boys in one corner to sit and tutor them. it still sucks though that i can't just be at my desk sleeping coz my head is all stuffed up.

grrrrrrrrrrr so many things to do before i leave in a couple of weeks for evie's arrival! good news in the newspaper today though the government just announced more incentives for couples here to get married and have more children. i'm so psyched i hope i qualify for the additional benefits. waiting eagerly for the press conference to be held later today that will reveal more details, so i'll blog more about this later.


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