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Sunday, July 20, 2008


ever since the gynae told me at my last appointment that my weight gain has been a bit over-the-top i've been at an all time low in self-esteem. doesn't help that i scrutinised myself in the mirror and realised that the cellulite on my butt and thighs has gotten worse since i got pregnant. (sob sob)

i would take pictures but i'd be too self conscious to want to put them up here. ok i lied. i would never take those pictures. unless i could get them airbrushed into perfection and then brainwash myself into thinking that i really look like that.

i've never been a skinny girl. i'm one of those blessed with a generous booty which at times i have been extremely proud of, and also extremely ashamed of. i pass it off most of the time as being due to my genes (both my mum and dad have the butt). butt..(pun intended) that's no real excuse is it? tons of celebrities these days who have big butts and are reknowned for them! and before you tell me that of course they have cellulite, I KNOW THEY HAVE CELLULITE! just that i wish i was doing as good a job as them at keeping it under control.

so anyway, i've decided that it's going to be part of my metamorphosis to becoming a hot mummy as well. no more wobbly ass! if it's going to be big then at least it's gotta be smooth and firm.

in the meantime.. these photos are going up here for me to look at to keep me inspired.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there!
Obviously it isn't easy. Heck I know cause I have my own fair share of cellulite. at least it's only on your ass! my thighs...ANYWAY, even the skinny girls have cellulite. Trust cause I've seen it.
So hang in there!
(sorry i wish i were a better motivational speaker :( )

farrah said...

lol it's all over my thighs too! just that at the moment i think i'd have more luck shaping up my butt first.

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