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Thursday, July 17, 2008

28 Weeks!

just a minor update on baby evie. had a visit with my gynae yesterday. he's happy with evie's progress but not so happy with me... my weight gain is apparently horrendous!

the thing is that i haven't been eating more than usual and i'm eating more healthily than i used to so he's putting the weight gain down to the really bad water retention that i've been experiencing these past 2 weeks. i've been on sick leave these past 3 days, it's really been so bad that my ankle bones totally disappear and i just feel too bloated to move at all. i feel so heavy and lethargic a lot these days. dr tham (the gynae) said that it should pass i just need to keep drinking plenty of water so that my system will flush out all the excess water that has been accumulating and to stay away from salt.

so anyway, sad to say that i don't have good scan pics of evie to share this time around. she's a pretty shy baby and keeps turning her face away or hides behind her hands everytime the doc tries to get a pic of her face :)

she's doing great though, at 1.1kg in weight now! almost double from the 600g she was 4 weeks ago! next appointment in a month, hopefully i'll have a good pic to show of her then.


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