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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

everyday minerals eyeshadow: baby sitter

adelyn got this for herself in one of our combined hauls. it's a pretty nice baby blue and i think it would suit her fair skin. for me, i'd pass on the colour though, i'm not much into the blues, especially baby blue. it looks too over the top when i put it on.


Lily said...

oooh it looks really pretty in the jar though! i have an issue with buying eye shadows that look really pretty and then not being able to wear them comfortably lol.

farrah said...

hehe yeah it does look pretty in the jar! apparently since i've got brown eyes i'm supposed to be able to carry off any eye shadow colour. maybe i'm just not into the baby blue coz i never learnt how to carry off a look properly with it :) youtube tutorials here i come!

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