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Friday, June 20, 2008

school starts in 2 days *groan*

i don't want to go back to school!

i'm pretty much sure the boys are saying the same thing. while rushing through all the holiday homework that they realised that they haven't done yet. and bugging their friends to finish so that they can copy.

yeah i know i have not been updating the blog, a lot of stuff you see me posting is about mineral makeup. just too happy with my new vainpot hobby i guess :)

so anyway, here's a list of things that i had planned to do and actually accomplished during the holidays.

  1. watched kungfu panda - fun fun fun movie, must get the dvd for evie to watch
  2. watched the incredible hulk movie - edward norton much better than eric bana. i'm not a fan of the series, went to the movie with my hubby to keep him company but had fun watching it anyway. also met some of the 2I boys at the plaza singapura theater and got accused of stalking them.
  3. started dvd collection for evie - bought a lot of animated movies (original k not pirated!) to kick start evie's dvd collection. currently have shrek, madagascar, barnyard, ice age, ice age 2 and flushed away. still need to get finding nemo, shrek 2 and over the hedge among many others.
  4. got around to getting a dresser and cot for evie - long 6-drawer waist high dresser from Ikea with nice broad top ideal for changing nappies, and a Mothercare cot which converts to a toddler bed later on.
  5. changed my skin care regime - i know faithfully cleanse, tone and moisturise my face morning and night with the Nivea Refreshing range for normal to combination skin. have noticed a distinct change. number clogged pores on my forehead, nose and chin are significantly reduced, and my face isn't getting as oily and shiny as it used to. this can also be attributed to the next point...
  6. switched to mineral makeup - it all started with one little sample kit. got me HOOKED. i am not just a fan, i am an addict. ordered a 12-piece full size kit (ok not all 12 are mine, my sis-in-law took 3 pieces) and am seriously seriously itching to order another kit just so i can get more pretty blush colours and stock up on the oh-so-wonderful foundation that makes my skin feel like velvet. (boys who are reading this feel free to vomit blood k but remember that most likely your girlfriends will feel this way about something or another and you're going to have to pretend that you care). the only thing stopping me from buying more to take advantage of the 20% off offer that ends tomorrow is that they are launching more products soon. and also that my credit card bill in the mail today a bit the scary.
  7. bought clothes that fit a growing whale - i already had a number of clothes that i bought online from old navy and forever21 but realised when i did a count that i would be wearing the same things week after week. after week. i can't fit into a lot of my normal clothes already, so i have to wear the bigger stuff now, which i don't have that many of. so i went to little india, and managed to lay my hands on 4 sets of cotton salwar suits which i can wear to work and thus have a more varied looking wardrobe :) best part about it is that i can continue wearing these after evie comes along.

thats about all that i can think of that i did right now. school starts in 2 days!! nuuuuuu..........

*mutters to self* must stay happy for evie, must stay happy for evie, must stay happy for evie...


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