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Friday, June 20, 2008

everyday minerals blush: lounge party/launch party

these are the colour swatches for the free blush that came with my latest Everyday Minerals order. it was thrown in free for orders over USD35 to celebrate the launch of the new website. odd that the forums said that the blush was called Launch Party, but mine was labelled Lounge Party though. doesn't really matter since i've matched my colour samples with some photos that other EDM fans have taken and it's the same colour. probably Lounge Party is the official name when the blush goes on sale as one of their regular items.

so what do i think of this blush? as you can see from the colour swatches, it could be described as a taupe shade with gold shimmer. in my honest opinion i'm not sure that many people would really wear this as a blush. i think it would make a very good bronzer or eyeshadow though. i tried applying it to my cheeks, but it didn't seem to make a difference in colour, all that i could really see was the gold shimmer over my cheekbones. so definately not a blush for me. it could work for people with a lighter skin tone than mine.

overall, how can i complain? i did get it for free! and it is a lovely shade for eyeshadow or to sweep over the face and neckline as a bronzer or for some sparkle :)


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