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Sunday, June 08, 2008

mineral makeup madness

ever since i got pregnant, i've had this overwhelming urge to pretty up and get into hot-mama shape. i think i must have been influenced by my hubby who has also decided that he needs to be in tip-top shape to run after the baby when she's born.

aside from getting on to a healthy diet (i'll be posting recipes!), i've started taking more interest in clothes (not much choice in maternity, most of the clothes are so bleagh) and also in my makeup.

started reading a lot about mineral makeup about a month ago. at first, i thought it was just the latest rage in the fashion magazines, until i started surfing some sites out of boredom and got hooked first on the pretty colours and then on the benefits of using mineral makeup. not to mention that the mineral makeup you can buy online is sooooooooo cheap and of equivalent quality to the common drugstore brands.

i usually don't put on a lot of makeup. i hate using liquid foundations, they clog up my pores and make me break out in small pimples all over my forehead and chin. then i have the bad habit of popping these pimples and picking at the scabs all the time so i end up with ugly ugly patches of pigmentation. which means that i end up using even more foundation and concealer to cover it up. vicious cycle...

so anyway, i came across this site Everyday Minerals while online shopping the other day for clothes and got hooked looking at the pretty eyeshadow colours and the amazing prices. succumbed and ordered their sample kit which consists of 3 foundations, 1 blush and 1 concealer. too irresistable, it was free! all i had to do was cover the international shipping charge, which was USD5 at the time.

got my sample kit 2 weeks later (about 2 weeks ago), and have been using the samples exclusively since then. i really have to say that the results have been nothing short of fantastic. my skin has cleared up tremendously, no more clogged pores. the makeup doesn't melt off my face halfway through the day and i don't get as oily-faced as i used to.

put in my order for a 12-piece full-sized kit yesterday i can't wait for it to arrive! not all 12 pieces are mine hehe i'm sharing the loot with my sis-in-law coz there's no way i really need all that makeup. even if it's only USD50 for the whole set of full-sized items.

caught myself surfing through the website again today having to stop myself from ordering even more stuff. i'm so tempted by the eyeshadows even though i don't wear any at all. must control myself until my kit arrives and replaces my entire makeup collection right now haha. not that it's much of a makeup collection.

i'm so turning into a mineral makeup junkie! will post reviews of the items in my sample kit tomorrow to occupy my itchy fingers so that i don't go spending more :)


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