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Monday, June 09, 2008

everyday minerals sample kit

photos of my sample kit from Everyday Minerals as promised!

Concealer in Spring, blush in Sunday Brunch:

Foundations in Olive Medium, Golden Medium, and Medium Tan:

Comparison of container size with singapore 20 cent coin:

each container has approximately 1g of powder when it first arrived.
must say it's a good deal for only USD5.05 in shipping. i've been using the makeup for almost everyday for the past 2 weeks every since it arrived and i've barely made a dent in the amount provided. the website claims that the samples are enough for 4-6 applications but it's definately far more than that! i find that i need to use very little of the powders to achieve the effects desired as compared to when i was using the drugstore brands of makeup. i suppose it's because the powders themselves are the crushed minerals and so the pigment is very strong, hence the need for very little to provide the desired coverage.

didn't go out today, so my face isn't made up now. will take photos of how the makeup looks on me when i next go out :) Larie did comment that my makeup still looks very fresh and dewy even at 2am in the morning when we were out eating in Little India the other day, even though i'd applied it much earlier at 4pm.


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