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Thursday, June 26, 2008

last week in june!

Everyday Minerals is having a new special! 10% off orders before shipping and a free full-sized eyeshadow for orders above $45. i'm itching to order but i know my hubby is going to roll his eyes at me and wonder what i really need all this makeup for. but some of the new colours they just launched are so pretty!

must suppress paypal trigger finger reflex....

anyway, here are the new colours that they have just launched on the EDM website

new blush colours
-Homework: a rosy shade with copper undertones is sure to get high marks
-Launch Party: a captivating bronze-auburn blush and eye color that is great for day to evening wear
-Light Peach: a wonderful all around face color, sheer with squeeze of hill country peaches
-Raspberry Sorbet: a beautiful boysenberry shade, with a creamy sparkle
-Spring Clean: a nude all over face color with an alluring ginger shimmer

new lip gloss colours
-Coffee Shop: a light to medium coffee color with super fine silver frost
-Missing Socks: a nice light coral shade with a light frosting, great summer shade
-Bamboo: a nice natural pinky peach, super clean and fresh
-Fresh Linens: rich cocoa frosting, great to deepen any shade
-Spring Berries: seasonal berry compote, ripe and delicious

i already got Launch Party with my first EDM order, and falling rapidly in love with Raspberry Sorbet, Coffee Shop and Spring Berries!


Lily said...

hey there! i love everyday mineral's wipes! they're a lot better than mac wipes in my opinion... they aren't greasy and take off makeup pretty well. i have dry skin and they don't dry out my skin unlike other wipes and they're only $3.75! hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

Ah~ I placed this order earlier back. The new 3rd one...well...that's still being shipped. I think it should arrive late next week. Hopefully! Cause I bought another brush, and so eager to use it.
I love that EDM is so spreadable by word of mouth, and by the proof on our skin!
My friend was asking me what I used the other day, and she's getting ready to use the sale code to buy her first batch^^

farrah said...

thanks lily! definately going to order some now :)

farrah said...

rasilla, yup definately addictive by word of mouth! i brought my makeup to work the other day to show a colleague who was interested in putting in an order and rapidly, we had a makeup party going on in the office! (during lunch of course heehee) EDM is going to get a very big order from us very soon :)

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