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Saturday, July 05, 2008

What is Mineral Makeup

i was searching the internet the other day about what exactly mineral makeup was and most of the hits i got were for websites selling mineral makeup. proceeded to write an article for helium.com.

click here to read my full article on "Mineral Makeup 101".

The idea behind mineral makeup is that the ingredients used in the makeup are minerals and inorganic pigments found in nature, rather than using artificially-created compounds which are present in other types of makeup. Many people prefer the natural colours of these natural pigments as they seem to provide a healthy glow and flawless finish to the skin, rather than making someone look heavily made-up.

Because the ingredients used in mineral makeup are found naturally, users feel that they are protecting the health of their skin by limiting their exposure to artificial chemicals found in makeup. Natural minerals are generally compounds which the body is less likely to be allergic to. Many of these natural minerals behave as antioxidants and natural sunscreens.


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