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Thursday, July 10, 2008

everyday minerals haul 3 part 1

whee!! i put in a really big order together with my friends last Monday to save on shipping, but due to the website being buggy had to split it into 2 packages. first package arrived today, the second package should be arriving tomorrow. couldn't wait to put up pics of my latest haul though! here's what i got in this half of the package:

as usual, now that i've gotten my loot i feel overwhelmed and know i got carried away and bought too much! will be listing for sale the pieces that i can bring myself to keep unopened, check out the list on my left sidebar and drop me a note if you're interested in any.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh...i wish i had rock solid self control. I keep wavering, especially after seeing your recent haul! I also keep hoping that some of my friends might want to put in their orders, so I can put one or two things in with them!

Just noticed now, but if you ordered it last Monday, DANG that's pretty fast shipping wise! Guess EDM is getting on the ball now. Good news for us :)

farrah said...

heh rasilla i know what u mean! i already have waaaaaaaaaaay too much stuff that i will probably never use in the next few months and i'm getting my fix by corrupting my social circle and ordering for them :)

yup they've really stepped up on their shipping so i'm pretty happy with that. glad it was just website hiccups for them and not a regular occurence.

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