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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Depotting Your NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils

i've heard great things about the nyx jumbo eyeshadow pencils and they're next on my to-buy-and-try list when i can scrounge up some extra cash for it. i did hear that they were a little bit clunky and that having to use a special sharpener was a bit of a minus point so now that i know that i can put them into little jars to use like paint pots my fingers are that little bit more itchy to go ahead and click on "buy".

here's the video i watched on youtube that showed me how to depot the nyx jumbo eyeshadow pencils.


Frond said...

personally speaking... do NOT depot ur jumbo eyepencil. I did with one and it dried up so fast. Its much easier to apply using it like a pencil. And shades to get if you are buying... yoghurt is a fab neutral shade, blackbean can be a black base when you're using your e/s as eyeliners. I'm also loving my purple and french fries (a darkish brown). check my blog... pretty sure I've swatched all of them at one point. :)

Frond said...

to follow up on my comment... I've had my pencils for more than a year now and they're still good. How I use them is scribble on my lid then use my finger to smudge it around... you could use a brush too.

farrah said...

oh thanks for the tip, Frond! I've only been reading about how to do it and watched a couple of videos on the depotting but have not heard of the problem with them drying up so quickly. i'm definately looking at getting blackbean, but i'm not sure whether i should be getting cottage cheese or milk for a white base. of course the shopaholic in my ear is whispering to get everything, but empty wallet is going nonononononono...

Frond said...

in terms of drying up fast, its subjective. It probably will dry up as fast as a regular gel liner would especially if you keep it in an airtight container - which I didn't. Hence my super quick dried depotted jumbo pencil. LOL!

as for sharpening... I really only do that when the nib disappears into the pencil. If I want fine lines drawn using the jumbo eye pencil, I use a brush directly on the nib then on to my eye. I hope you get what I mean.

Cottage Cheese is a white with a shimmer to it.
Milk is intense milk white.

here's my post with swatches of the colors I own - http://fr0nd.blogspot.com/2009/07/cup-full-of-colors.html

If you'd like I can take more pics for you specifically of the two whites so you can compare. Let me know.

hope that helps a little.

Frond said...

nice sale

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