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Friday, June 04, 2010

school's out!

so, although the school holidays officially started a week ago, us teachers had to go back to school for one week to finish up all our outstanding work before being let off for 2 weeks of holidays. sec 4 students still had lessons too for this one week, so it basically was a normal working week for most of us. i don't really want to get involved in the whole debate on whether teachers in singapore are overloaded, but i hope that most people will at least correct their perception that teachers have a lot of free time. in the june holidays, out of the four weeks, teachers only have the middle two weeks as protected time. the first and last week of school is reserved for workshops, meetings and miscellaneous work that needs to be done. a lot of us end up doing work during the two weeks still, simply because there's just so much work to be done that the first and last week are not enough. a lot of us are preparing stuff ahead of time because the minute school starts we slowly start falling behind with everything that needs to be done.

okok, enough of my whining. i need to keep reminding myself that i'm in this for the kids. and that makeup keeps me happy.

so back to makeup related posts! i've got lots of colour swatches waiting to be posted, plus a few youtube videos that i wanted to share with you guys. and i'm re-embarking on becoming a red-hot mama. my lack of discipline so far is shameful, i know so you guys are gonna have to help keep me motivated!


Frond said...

yeah totally agree with you! my hubby has just finished a super siong week... complete with meeting his class everyday but Monday... he's still got a couple of meetings scattered thru the hols but they effectively start tomorrow. YAY! I miss his company :)

and can't wait to see more fotds/eotds and whatever other otds you care to share :P

farrah said...

yup its time for me to spend with hubby and evie while trying not to feel guilty about not doing work. i'll still probably end up doing work 2-3 hours a night when evie's gone to bed though. fotds and eotds may be rare this month tho coz hubby claims he likes me better with no makeup so during hols i try to indulge him haha

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