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Friday, May 07, 2010

starburst inspired!

almost every blog that i've been visiting these past few days has had at least a mention of the "starbust" look. no idea what that was as i hadn't had time to go look for the tutorials on youtube. this morning, surfing my usual beauty blogs for inspiration for today's eyeshadows, i came across fr0nd's version and decided that i'd go for it.

colours are used are all mineral eyeshadows.
-Beauty from the Earth: Raspberry
-Mad Minerals: Illegal
-Fyrinnae: Finnegan's Wake
-heart.pf: daisy (fyi heart.pf is my brand, i custom blended this colour for myself when i realised i don't really have a basic yellow in my inventory)

base used is fyrinnae's pixie epoxy (rave review on that incoming)

and this is is how it turned out

not as bright or crisp as the original look intended but i was in a bit of a rush, doing this in about 5 minutes. colours from bottom to top are raspberry, illegal, daisy and finnegan's wake. side note: not really happy with the illegal at all!! i think i'm never buying from mad minerals ever again. all their colours are disappointing and refuse to pop no matter how much i put on, whether i pat it on or brush it on, applied over base or no base.

i like how it turned out in the end, although i will work on seeing whether i can reproduce the original. and maybe try a few different colour combinations next week.

happy upcoming weekend everybodeeeee!!


Frond said...

nice try... kinda pale though... :P

who else did starburst looks? I'd love to go see them too!

are you gonna be launching your own site? if so, do you need to buy a url. I've got a 30% discount code for GoDaddy domains if you want. Expires on Sunday. Let me know k? I just renewed my domain for another 2 years. LOL!

farrah said...

lol yeah i can't usually wear eyeshadow that is too bright to school. my students (all boys!!) usually will have lots of comments if i do and i usually can't be bothered to deal with their nonsense. will maybe try for the brighter version this weekend.

thanks for the offer but not really looking for my own domain yet until i've really expanded my range :D

as for starbust looks, check out some of the blogs on my sidebar, some of these ladies are really bold!!

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