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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Prepping the Canvas: Intro

Masterpieces can't be painted on crappy canvases!

For two years, I've been wearing makeup on an almost daily basis for work. And in hot humid Singapore, it's a challenge to get my face to last through the day with minimum touching up. When I first started out, I had a horrible skin care regime (Read: occasional facial wash, picking at pimples, no toner or moisturiser). And of course, I started breaking out quite badly in those annoying little bumps all over my face, my skin started getting overly greasy due to increased sebum production and my makeup just melted after a couple of hours.

So, through trial and error I've learnt some ways that help my makeup stay on longer, while my skin remains clear (barring the monthly PMS pimple). I'll be sharing over the next few weeks what I've been doing so far and hopefully you guys will find something that you could either help me improve on or that could help you!

See you soon!


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