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Monday, April 05, 2010

a whale of a time

the whale is back! i've been playing with lots of makeup lately, with both making my own eyeshadows and also with the makeup palettes that i've been sourcing out for sale to make a little bit of pocket money.

daily updates from now on! it helps if you guys comment a bit now and then so that i'll just have to come say something. my problem is never about having nothing to write about, my problem is just that i'm usually too lazy to write down all the stuff that goes on in my head.

i'm going to have to start journaling stuff here so that i'll remember what's going on with my life. don't worry, i'm still going to be posting up lots and lots of lovely swatches, of which i still have a tonne to go through with more coming in with all the new makeup i've been getting in! but aside from the swatches, i'm finally confident enough with my eyeshadow skills to put up my eotds and maybe some video now and then! also, lots of various updates about my life, but you guys can always skip those posts if you're not interested :)

alrighty then, i'll talk to you guys again soon!


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