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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

nyx lipsticks!

I just got in some NYX lipsticks and I love love love love them! I'd been reading about them online for awhile, and there's some pretty mixed reviews about them on the web. After eons of considering it I went ahead and got some since they're so awesomely pocket friendly!

the formula of the lipsticks are super creamy and moisturising. i usually need to slather on the lip balm over my super dry lips before i wear any lipstick or else the skin of my lips just start flaking off. i didn't have to do that at all with these lippies! i just put them on straight away on unbalmed lips with no problems at all!

another thing i'd been reading online about the lippies were that they didn't last long at all. some reviewers reported the colour fading off after only half an hour. my take on it is that they lasted pretty long for me.

this photo above was taken just after fresh application (colour i'm wearing is B52 by the way). you can see that my usually chapped lips don't appear dry at all!

the second photo was taken after 4 hours of teaching and then eating lunch. apologies for the different exposures i was in a bit of a hurry taking these. the top picture is an accurate representation of the colour for b52 by the way, not the bottom one. what i really wanted to show here was the difference in coverage. bottom photo shows that the colour has worn thin but is still detectably present. i've bought lipsticks which cost a lot more and yet wore off completely over much less stress!

overall, i find that the nyx lipsticks are gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous and so worth buying. absolutely no more drugstore brand lipsticks for me! why would i want to get one at say Watsons when i could get 2 or 3 nyx lippes for the same price? i'm going to go mad buying more, so look out for swatches in upcoming blog posts!


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