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Friday, July 24, 2009

silk and cyanide in wildfire passion as smooth as raspberry ripple

it's friday morning, my brain is officially winding down for the weekend hence the kinda lame title for this post :) its the first time i'm wearing these particular beauty from the earth colours so they're purposely toned down. i'll go for brighter and more eye-popping next time! the colours mesh beautifully tho and are wonderful to apply!
can i say again how i love the beauty from the earth colours?!?
-johnson's baby lotion (primer)
-beauty from the earth multipurpose mineral in wildfire (inner lid)
-beauty from the earth multipurpose mineral in raspberry (outer lid)
-archetype cosmetics mineral pigment in silk & cyanide (highlight)
cheeks - everyday minerals blush in corner office
lips - everyday minerals lip balm in soccer practice


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