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Monday, May 18, 2009

59.4kg (131lb)

down 3.6kg! so happy! :)

but hubby says enjoy the rapid reduction in numbers as much as i can coz i'm gonna plateau quite fast. at the moment, i'm losing a lot of water weight and my body is not yet acclimatised to the workout, so it seems to be more effective right now.

hubby's aim for making me workout is to build muscle so that rate at which i burn energy even when passive increases ie raise my metabolic rate. so i'm currently because my muscles aren't in great shape, every little improvement in muscle tone is having quite a big effect. but soon i'm going to be in shape and that's when i'm going to have to up the intensity of the workouts to ensure that i keep pushing those numbers on the scale down.

but until then, i'm going to gloat and enjoy my marginally skinnier frame :)


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