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Sunday, December 28, 2008

evie monster and i cry together

sorry for the lack of personal updates lately but i've just been trying to spend as much time as possible with my baby girl before i go back to work in a month. mostly when i get on the computer, it's to check email, upload some swatch photos, write a few quick comments and then i'm off again. yes, i'm still occasionally playing WoW but that's only once every few days.

it hasn't been easy these past few weeks for Evie and me. don't get me wrong, Evie is wonderfully easy baby most of the time, but i've been having to play evil-mommy to her lately. i'm trying to get her to take expressed breast milk from the bottle in preparation for my going back to work in about a month. and she won't take it! she'd rather go hungry than have to drink from the nipple and it's making me worried that she's going to starve herself while i'm at work and only feed when i get home. i've tried changing from the silicone avent nipples to the latex nuk nipple, which worked for a few days. then she got smart and started refusing that too.


i did read on some forums that a lot of breastfed babies are like that and once mommy disappears to go to work and her smell isn't around, these babies will happily take a bottle for feeding. i really hope that this is going to be the case for her. as it is now, everytime i try putting the bottle nipple into her mouth, she starts screaming her head off. she even recognises the bottle now so when i show it to her she lets out a huge sigh as if to say "oh my God, mama is really going to try this again?!?"

i can't bring myself to let her scream and go hungry until she starts to suck on the nipple. i always give in to her in the end. which to me in my head means that i'm actually teaching her the wrong thing, that if she cries hard enough in the end she'll get what she wants. but i also read some child psychologists opinions that babies at this age don't reason that way and that the longer i let her cry like that, the more insecure they will actually feel.


any mummies out there with advice for me? i'm quite desperate at this point. she screams and cries and i end up crying with her, just simply out of frustration.


Michelle said...

wahhh you still can WoW.... i totally gave up my MMOs already..

there's a pd at parkway who can extend your maternity leave for this purpose if worse come to worse.

I gave bean the wide bottle nuk latex teats. it's most similar to the breast.

also, try getting someone else to feed her using the bottle. Bean goes berserk with the bottle when i'm around also. then after the feed i will take him back to cuddle him.

today i went for staff seminar the whole day and at one point in time he kept crying non-stop coz he needed the breast. after a while he stopped out of fatigue. heart pain siah

hiryani said...

there's another teat that you might wanna try which is the pigeon peristaltic.

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