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Sunday, November 09, 2008

sleeping beauty evie

evie's developed quite a good sleeping schedule and sometimes it's my favourite part of the day because it means that i get to sleep too!

0000 - lights out for evie!
0430 - early morning feeding
0700 - whine for Mama to pick Evie up from the moses basket to nap on the bed with Mama and Papa
0830 - morning bath time, feed and playtime!
1100 - naptime
1300 - lunch, and more nap
1600 - teatime, and even more nap
2000 - awake time with Mama and Papa until bedtime!

photos of Evie's various sleeping positions

early morning snooze on the bed
evie on Papa's stomach for afternoon nap
treefrog style!


Nanzy said...

Awwww she's so adorable...I love her Treefrog style =P you must be one proud Mama : )

Anonymous said...

lol treefrog! i love it :)

i didn't know that there could be issues with breastfeeding. thought it was just the issues with over lactating and getting wetspots on the shirt.

but i'm glad to read that things are better, and that youre doing better?


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