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Sunday, September 07, 2008

mad minerals multi-use minerals: illegal

i just had to get this colour when i saw it on the website even though it looked so pink i knew i'd NEVER wear it for an eyeshadow if the colour payoff was as strong as it looked in the site swatch. colour tones down quite a bit on the skin and it doesn't look too bad. if you want to maintain the strong colour, then you're probably going to need a primer. since i haven't gotten around to getting really serious about eyemakeup, i haven't gotten a primer yet either so i can't show you the payoff with that. i'm just really glad the colour isn't so strong on bare skin so i might experiment with this colour a bit and if it doesn't work as an eyeshadow i could mix it with some of my other colours to create a new blush colour


rasilla said...

this colour looks GORGEOUS!
sigh...all these posts on swatches
are making me drool :P

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