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Thursday, September 11, 2008

growth dividends!

the singapore government is giving out growth dividends on 1st oct this year! each citizen will get between $75 to $450, current and former NSmen receiving an additonal $50.

i won't be getting much as they're distributing the amounts based on the value of residential address in 2007, and at the time i was listed as still staying at my parents' terrace house. hubby will be getting more since his listed address was a hdb unit. ah well we changed out addresses to our current hdb residence (our own place!) late last year so if the government gives out dividends again next year, then we should be getting more overall.

actually, i'm not really hung up about the amount of money that we're getting. i think it's already pretty good that the government is just handing it out at all :)

i know it's not the usual thing i post about on my blog. just tickled me a bit that they're distributing it on 1st October, which is Eid in Singapore. Muslims here celebrate by going to each others' houses to eat, and kids get money packets from their elders. looks like all singaporeans are getting a money packet this year!


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