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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

counting down the days

ehloz! i know my blog has been nothing but swatches lately, with me being too lazy or too tired to sit down and write an actual post. i haven't even had the energy to really play around with my makeup!

i've been on maternity leave for a week now, and i definately made the right decision taking it early. no doubt i'm still tired and lethargic most of the time, but my back is right as rain again and that awful cough that's been bugging me for awhile has finally cleared up. i'm getting lots of sleep too as i'm gearing up for the big event!

my last appointment with the gynae was on last thurs after two weeks, but no new developments as yet. we still can't get a good pic of evie's face as the little darling insists on having her hands over her face all the time! what we did manage to see though was her mouth making chewing/sucking motions, which would explain the recent bouts of her hiccups due to her swallowing her amniotic fluid.

next appointment is this coming thursday. i'm really crossing my fingers and hoping that i pop very soon! evie's at a nice weight at the moment, not too big for me to squeeze out! i want her out for more selfish reasons though. i'm so tired of being whale! the symptoms are all there that she's ready to come out in a couple of days.


Anonymous said...

waaaaaahhhhh babe's coming out soon :)

do take it easy, have fun on this mat leave, getting ready to welcome her into the real world :P

ps swatches are cool! they make us envious so its okay~

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