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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

archetype cosmetics eyeshadow swatches part II

the second batch of swatches of the archetype eyeshadows!

what's my overall opinion of the eyeshadows? having to wait almost 3 months for them kind of killed the excitement of receiving the samples. some of the colours are really gorgeous, but i'm not willing to wait so long for my order to arrive if i ever purchase from them again. i would reconsider if her processing and shipping time went down by quite a bit though.

as for the eyeshadows themselves, usually when i do swatches i'll pick up some eyeshadow on a cotton swab and drag it in a line along my arm. the colours for these pigments are pretty much washed out when i first did the swatches that way, but the effect was much better and more vibrant when i patted the colours on my skin with the cotton bud instead of swiping it on.

overall, the colours are really nice, with some unique ones that i have not seen from other cosmetic brands. but as i said before, the very long time that lapsed from order to delivery was extremely off-putting.


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