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Thursday, August 07, 2008

quick update on evie and the whale

i'm soooooo freaking sleepy most of the time now. i go to bed pretty much earlier than i used to and i sleep deeply but i still get up feeling like i didn't get any sleep at all. it doesn't help that the weather here at the moment is hot and humid so i get sleepy in the classroom too. if it's deskwork that the students are doing, i'm at great risk of falling asleep right at my table so i have to get up and walk around to check on what they're doing to keep awake.

except that walking around a lot is getting very tiring and difficult with the swollen ankles and calves.

my tummy has pretty much exploded outwards and i'm definately getting bigger everyday. i've gone from being an innie to an outie and it shows through my clothes! i've been teased that my belly button is now a "press here to talk to baby" button. and that's coz evie's been reacting to people talking to her lately. she'll start wriggling around when she hears voices in the vicinity of my belly!

next checkup is in a week, hopefully evie's settled nicely into the head-down position to facilitate a natural delivery. i'm hoping to go for a drug-free natural delivery, and i'm lucky that my gynae is backing me up on that. did i mention that my gynae is a really nice guy? i basically don't feel nervous at all, i'm just looking forward to holding evie :)

more on her after the checkup next week!


Anonymous said...

"press here to talk to baby"!!
oh gosh that's funny :)

natural birth-
i wish you all the best in that.
may not be the most comfortable,
but more connection with the Evie
as she enters the world, right?~
(i clearly have no idea how things work, soooo...i can only assume that is the case... :T)

farrah said...

hehe i don't really know about the more connection to her part but i do know that a natural delivery poses less risk to both mom and baby if it goes smoothly. also i read an article somewhere (i'll see if i can find the link again) that says that natural delivery triggers off hormone production in baby that enhances brain development in the first 5 years of growth

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