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Sunday, August 10, 2008

everyday minerals eyeshadow: spin cycle

this colour has become a favourite highlighter for me. as i said before, i'm pretty much noobish at the eye makeup application so thinking too much about what colours to use gives me a bit of a headache. i don't really have to think with this one it's so pretty and versatile!


rinaz said...

Hi, I found your link from Cozycot and I feel like a girl in a candy shop just looking at your make up collection!

So gorgeous :)

Currently I'm trying out some samples from EDM, and though the colours dont really look like what the website shows, the quality is pretty awesome.

I just ordered some brushes and I cant wait to experiment with some looks :)

farrah said...

Hi Rinaz! Thanks for visiting and commenting :) I know exactly how you feel, it's the same for me when I go through other blogs and oggle their hauls.

EDM's swatches aren't great, a lot of them don't match up well with the actual products when I receive them, that's why I started swatching on my blog so that others would have a better idea of what the actual colour payoff would be like. I hope you find them useful!

Oh, and the brushes are really to die for, so soft!

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