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Monday, July 28, 2008

Pressing Mineral Eyeshadows

i'm a really messy person. REALLY messy person. my hubby is always complaining that i'm leaving my stuff all over the place. and with the latest haul, i've got so many sample eyeshadow jars from EDM lying around that even i think it's too much of a mess. i even moved my makeup to the guest bathroom so that hubby wouldn't complain about me making so much mess in our master bathroom. but it's at the point where even i think it's too messy, both with jars and with powdered mineral eyeshadow.

so i decided to press my eyeshadow into little palettes that would make it easier for me to store and keep organised as well as carry around in my bag if i need them for touchups.


Cheap multipurpose absorbent wipes from my friendly neighbourhood supermarket (S$1.90)

empty 6-slot plastic palette with mirror from Sasa Cosmetics (S$1.85)

rectangle base eraser from Popular bookstore (S$0.40)

Other equipment: 70% rubbing alcohol (S$4 from pharmacy), plastic spoon, 5gr jar, spatula


Divide the contents of one sample jar of eyeshadow into 2

In one jar, add 15-20 drops of rubbing alcohol, stirring the powder evenly into the liquid until the mixture reaches the consistency of wet sand. Not too liquid and not too chunky.

scoop the mixture into one of the empty pans on the palette

use the spatula to spread the mixture out evenly in the pan (looks a bit disgusting in the picture i know!) leave for 10-20 minutes to allow some of the alcohol to evaporate.

gently place a small piece of the absorbent wipes over the semi-solid shadow

very gently press the eraser into the cavity to even out the distribution of the powder and also to extract some of the alcohol solution from the mixture.

a wet spot is left behind when the eraser is lifted. this is because of the alcohol absorbed by the wipe.

remove the wipe and you should see that the mixture has evened out in the pan. leave for 10 minutes, then repeat the whole procedure with the remaining eyeshadow. the pan should now be filled. leave the compact open to dry overnight and it's ready for use!


inddya said...

Wow, thanks for the info. Could you apply this method to press mineral blushes also?

farrah said...

hi inddya! thanks for visiting :) i don't think that alcohol is going to be strong enough to bind a lot of powder together, i heard some people add a bit of jojoba oil or face moisturiser to the mix to help hold the powders together to make sure it doesn't crack. have not personally tried it though :( if you check out youtube there are some videos there on people using other binders to press their foundation and blush

Lily said...

thanks for the tutorial! having them pressed seems way easier and way more convenient :D

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