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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

everyday minerals eyeshadow: bubble tea

bubble tea is one of those colours that i looked at on the website and never thought would suit me. but since i've started experimenting with different colours i went ahead and got it and i love it! i guess that good part about EDM eyeshadows is that the colours don't come out too pigmented and i can make the shade as subtle or as vibrant as i want. i do like this colour a lot and its going to be a regular appearance when i get around to doing green-shadow eyes :)


Anonymous said...

My BBT eyeshadow is actually much lighter than that. Is that what your colour looks like? Maybe cause I got is as a gift with purchase thing that it was lighter?

And I love the colour of In the Garden!

Ahhhh...I need to start using eyeshadows correctly so that I can use more of them from EDM :)

Lily said...

i love this color! it's pretty! i might have to order one! the swatches on the edm website don't compare to yours

farrah said...

rasilla, i think bubble tea is a relatively new colour? or it could just be that i put on more for the swatch then you did so the colours stand out more. and yes EDM colours are so nice i need to play more with my eyemakeup so that i have excuse to get more!

lily, i'm definately ordering another one with my next haul for backup i love this one so much :)

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