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Saturday, July 26, 2008

everyday minerals blush: coffee break

subtle blush for me. it would probably be really nice on skin that's darker or lighter than mine. i'm the inbetween where it sort of just blends in. next time i know to stay away from getting brown/taupe/mauvy blush colours for myself. think it would make nice eyeshadow though


Anonymous said...

allll your blushes make me sooo jealous!

But I'm so glad that you always take pictures to show off the colour payoff, and 'truer' colours than the EDM site :P

Come September, I am sooo buying more blushes...or so I say now...Hopefully I can wait until then :P

farrah said...

hehe yeah it makes it a lot easier for my friends when it comes to them ordering too a lot of them aren't really comfortable with the online colour swatches they'd rather look at actual photo swatches on people before making a decision :)

hehe i've put myself on a full sizes ban at the moment i'm only allowing myself to get samples from now on to test out colours :P we'll see how long i last on that haha

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