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Friday, July 25, 2008

Archetype Cosmetics eye pigments frenzy

saw a livejournal spree for ultra cheap samples from Archetype Cosmetics and got sucked in ... again.. colours hypnotised me and i requested 41 sample colours. beat that i think i must be truly out of my mind. i don't even wear eyeshadow on a regular basis! must learn how to apply eyeshadow now :)

going to have to wait a loooooong time for these samples to get to me though. apparently it takes anywhere from 3-5 weeks for Archetype to ship out the order. add another 2 weeks for it to ship to Singapore and i'm looking at a 6-8 week wait. by then i might already have a special delivery of my own!

maybe the colours will be a ward against postnatal depression.

pics of colour samples i ordered! all for US10.25 :)


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