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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

her name is evie

hubby and i finally settled on naming our daughter Evie Eliza. was actually getting very tired of referring to baby as Baby now i get to scold her by name when she kicks me too hard and makes me have to run to the toilet :) pic is of her face that the doctor tried to take during our monthly checkup, see if you can make out here eyes and nose!

currently she weighs about 600+ grams, which the doc says is a very healthy weight for her to be at the moment.

last month at the checkup, we had a bit of a scare. some water sacs in her brain had shown up during the scan. doc had said that they were a normal occurence in the early stages of pregnancy, but if they didn't go away then it was a sign that the fluid drainage system in her brain wasn't working properly and it could be a sign of Downs' syndrome or hydrocephalities. luckily the scan came up all clear this month so Evie is just fine.


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